School has been busy my classes are alot of work. I haven’t had much time this semester to get out and do alot of things. I haven’t been to gym in ages. I’ve been watching the coverage of the elections lately. No doubt Hillary Clinton is in the fight for her political life. Barack Obama has just started his political life. I recently got two offers for summer internships, one in Des Moines, Iowa with John Deere and the other is in Ft.Lauderdale about 45 minutes from my home with Motorola. I’m a little disappointed I won’t be able to go to Madrid for the summer. I hope I’ll get to study abroad before I graduate, but I really love traveling. I was looking at some pictures of Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest standing structure at the moment, and when completed it will be the world’s largest building. I think its amazing how fast Dubai is growing as a world city. I’ll make an attempt to post on my blog once per day.


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