Recently I decided to watch a back episode of Frontline which is a investigative journalism series on PBS. I had a dicussion about Frontline with one of my friend’s who will remain nameless and he thinks its bias. However I don’t think Frontline is bias, it just discusses hard facts that are sometime hard to face by ideal minded individuals.

I watched the feature entitled Tank Man, which focuses on the man that stood in front of the line of Chinese tanks Tiananmen Square in 1989, and how China has evolved since that incident. The China you and I know today is a vibrant one with a booming economy and host to the Beijing Olympics later this year. I wish I could go to if I were not a college student lacking about ten-thousand dollars. However with all of the success China has acquired, a lot of Chinese still live poor in rural areas, and the government still cracks down hard on individuals dissenting against the government. If you watch segments 4-6 of Tank Man you will see the rise of China as an industrial power, but at the same time see that most in China is still desperately trying to survive. China is trying to model its economy after the United States in some ways. Its economy is growing and the upper class is getting richer, but the rest of the population is not getting rewarded for their hard efforts.

Alot of companies in the United States have provided China with the needs to censor the Internet and track the movement of people and information through high-tech means. Many US companies in the manufacturing industries are exploiting the cheap labour that they get in China. I like everyone else I associate with embrace capitalism for what it is, becoming rich is a great thing if you know how to use your wealth well. If you use your wealth wrong and get into the business of exploiting people to sure up your bottom line, then you really have to ask yourself if its really worth making someones life miserable just because you can.

You can find Tank Man and other Frontline features from the link below:



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