Today, I have to finish my research poster for the undergraduate research symposium. I also have to study for three exams next week. I’m looking forward for the school year to end. I still want to head over to Denmark for a few days, and Sweden. I wanted to briefly talk about newsnight which is a show on the BBC which asks hard questions to the people Paxman interviews . Tony Blair can’t get a minute without being attacked by Paxman. I should say I’m an admirer of Tony Blair in sorts he is actually one of the most skilled politicians in the latter 20th and early 21st century, except when he decided to follow Bush.

This is long, only look at if really interested.


Another short thing to look at is hecklers trying to get to Bill Clinton. Don’t mess with Clinton, he knows what hes talking about. Unlike President Bush, Clinton will stop and listen to your request and then give you an answer back even when you disrupt him.

Bill Clinton Heckler
Bill Clinton Heckler 2


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  1. You really think Blair was a skilled politician?..Supporting the iraqwar, flawed middle east policy, overexposed personal life and thelowest approval rating for a prime minister that i have ever seen…

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