The end of the semester is coming up fast and theres a lot to do. I was thinking about a few things yesterday. In terms of what it means to be in college, and living life in the fast lane. I think drinking in college has always been over hyped. What type of people do you end up meeting in bars people you probably don’t want to associate with for the rest of your life. On the flip-side there is something to be said about people that take the safe route to everything, I was speaking to a friend in ECE two nights ago after he took a horrendous hour exam and we talked about how many people we know that waste their lives in college. I agree its very important if you can get a 96% of a ECE 290 exam, but is it really worth being a socially inept. At the end of the day most likely we’ll all be employed at some Fortune 500 company. I guess theres something to be said about the people that don’t need to drink or smoke to make themselves happy. I think people spend alot of time trying to label everyone instead of really getting to know them well.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is insecurities everyone has them, but what caused those insecurities. Was a high school experience?A bad first impression? I find it interesting how different people compensate for their insecurities, some people never take risks with anything, some people try to put on a tough exterior.I will admit I am thinking about two people in particular that may read my blog.While some people make sure you can never beat them in a argument.


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