There isn’t anything too interesting in the news today that’s worth mentioning. I have an exam tomorrow that I need to study for. The weather is great outside, its really sunny. Last Friday I sat on the quad and had lunch with a few of my friends. Its a real pity that the weather is not this great year around (one reason to live in a nice tropical climate like Miami or California). Next week finals begin and the semester will end the week after that. Packing up my room will be a challenge with the amount of things I need to put away, and the need to leave town right after finals. I presented my poster last night I noticed a major error after I printed it up, I’ll re-print a new copy before the undergraduate research symposium. On the topic of why these the things I research matter, I spoke to Dr.Makela about this. His explanation is if something is 99% effective that’s still not good enough when dealing with human lives. According to statistics things happen more often than you would care to believe.


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