CFC – The Seasons of Life

Tonight I did something unusual I walked into a church in Illinois for the first time. I guess Vivian can congratulate herself, I will no longer give her a hard time. After mentioning CFC a thousand times I finally relented, and decided to experience it for myself.

I think people that know me well, know I do not say or write anything unless I really mean it. I’m a tough individual, chances are I’ll convince you before you convince me. With that being said I’d like to discuss tonight’s “large group”. For those of you that don’t know what large group is it consists of all the small groups (Essentially group Bible study) getting together and meeting for a church service. Tonight’s church service at the Wellesley Methodist church that included a going away for graduate seniors and people in the community.

I found the music at the beginning of the service good it sets the contemporary feel for the service. Finally after the goodbyes for the people leaving the community pastor Min began his sermon. His sermon focused on the the different seasons of life, which I guess can be interpreted as the phases people go through.

His first point was that in life most people live ordinary uneventful lives, most of our lives will be without major problems. He began to use one of three analogies from sports,war, and relationships to describe these things. At this point in our life he says we really have to worry about wandering to bad desires. Instead we should take this time to plan ahead build a relationship with other people and God. He summarized spring with the question, “What are we doing this for?”, that people ask when they are in this phase of their life.

The second season he discussed was a Storm/Winter, where people fall prey to their desires. People may stop at nothing to get what they want even if it means immoral behavior or breaking worldly laws. I think we are all guilty of this. I think his explanation was really good about why people fall prey. We tend to try and run away from things we fear the most. However he points out we can overcome our fears by getting out of self-denial and overcome the things we fear losing.

He then discussed summer which he describes as a very dangerous period where people perceive that everything is going well and then drift away from church and God. He suggested during this time that we think about the joys of our past.

The last season he described was fall which he says is the time we should set aside and prepare ourselves for the challenges that await us. The service then closed with the singing of several songs. I have to say the service was good and moving, I found pastor Min to be very good with his ability to relate his thoughts well to our lives. Hes clearly gifted with his ability to connect to people.

Seldom I discuss my religious beliefs, but I think for context I should. My entire live I’ve been raised Christian my parents were not church going individuals but they believed in Christianity very strongly. Up to high school I use to pray spordiacly. Somewhere along the way I lost my faith as a I worried about other things, getting into college, enjoying high school, having an outgoing life, dealing with my parents. I guess its really easy to get jaded, anyone that says they haven’t been jaded is lying.

I came into college with many unanswered questions, and some still remain to be answered. I still don’t know how I want to practice my religious beliefs, and how they fit into my life. Pastor Min suggested we should take the Bible with us on vacations and read it. I want to try and read the Bible cover to cover for my own good. I don’t know what I’m looking for. I still don’t know where alot of the people I care about fit into my life either. But I hope I find what I’m looking for.

I really believe that everyone is on Earth for a purpose, whether or not you believe God made you the way you are. I know alot of people find my demanor tough, but I believe I try my best to be a good person and mean well. I don’t always see the benfits of being a good person,I’ve seen a lot more devious people get further. I hope that this pays off oneday. I think in general you should be true to who you are and not change for vanity sake.

I want to be sucessful, I want to have the ability to enjoy my life not alone, with someone I can travel the world with. I believe that whatever I do whether it be engineering or move into business someday. I should try and find a way to do things that help people, and everyone else should too. Theres no such thing as not having the time, its just you have a lack of heart to care enough.


One thought on “CFC – The Seasons of Life”

  1. also, in terms of your religious post…i’ve been watching bill maher a lot lately, and he totally hates religion…but i think he hates more the institution, which i dont really like either…anyway he is coming out with a documentary soon called religulous, which should be interesting

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