The Chinese Earthquakes and Pandas

If you’ve talked to resident expert in Pandas and Computer Engineering Student V.Liang you’d already know Pandas are reproducing thanks to fresh Bamboo and open spaces. The good news from China is that most of the missing Pandas have been located and transferred to a Zoo in Beijing. As we get closer towards the Beijing Olympics I’ll comment on China about once a week.

Panda News

Guangyuan County in China has had an estimated 60,000 people killed by the earthquake. Thing have only gotten worst an aftershock today has leveled thousands of homes. China has decide to not rebuild the cities have been destoryed. Most people will be compensated and moved to new areas. I think the Chinese government has acted differently than in the past, the government is trying to show more compassion. I guess my point in menitioning this is I would hope people would remember to apperciate the things their given. Volunteer when you can.


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