What have I been listening to lately?

Honda FCX

Lately I’ve been listening to the following songs:

1. Viva la Vida – Coldplay
2. Love song – Sara Bareilles
3. And Then What – Young Jeezy
4. Dilema – Nelly (A tad bit last decade)
5. No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Acoustic)
6. Apologize – Onerepublic

I guess oil and gas prices are still on everyone’s mind. Most Americans didn’t change their behavior and continued believe we could buy the largest SUV and fill the tank up for a $1.50 and pollute the air without any consequences. Times have changed. This year pubic transportation has handled 85 million more riders than last year. I doubt the public transportation infrastructure the will be able to handle the demand. Well the fact is we are screwed over gas prices as they will continue to rise. American, and United Airlines have been cutting down on flights, raising ticket prices, cutting staff, and now charging for the first and second piece of checked luggage. Food prices are rising since food has to be transported too.

I guess we never quite wanted to find the real solutions, since we were too busy keeping our oil company friends happy. But maybe Honda,Toyota and some of Detroit are coming to our rescue. I’d be happy to work for either company in their hybrid vehicles or hydrogen fuel cells research areas. Toyota recently started manufacturing hybrids in the US instead of shipping them over from Japan. The future of vehicles is here:
How about the new FCX Clarity from Honda. Look it up at Honda.com and learn something. Its a fuel cell vehicle.

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