Q: Is American moving forward?

Every morning as Americans we wake up believing, we live in one of the greatest countries in the world. That belief is not too far from the truth, for the past two-hundred and thirty two years America has become one of the most powerful countries that have ever existed in course of modern history. However lately, many people have been worried about the economy, and whether things are getting better or worst in America. If we look at a snapshot of our current point in history, we have an unstable economy, a high unemployment rate, and high gas prices. I think primarily people are concerned about the economy more than anything, which is understandable everyone has to eat. I don’t want to blame the Bush administration for all the economic problems we are facing.

The thing I really want to know is why aren’t we making an investment in our education system to produce people that are more capable at competing with emerging markets like China. When I was in Taiwan earlier this year, it was painfully obviously the government was putting tons of money into the semi-conductor market, and getting tons of talent from the school next to the research park. What are we doing to stand out? Are we better off now than 7 ½ years ago?Why am I hearing about a banking crisis weekly, where are regulators that were suppose to be watching the banks?Those are all fair questions.

I realize in a free-market economy, by virtue the system produces winners and losers. My real problem with the republican way of thinking is the idea of a winner takes all strategy. The great thing about America is that you can go out and risk it all on what you’re passionate about, you can go out and start your own business and you might become a millionaire. The good news if you don’t that’s ok too, because we have bankruptcy laws that will help you recover from your risks. The issue I have with the way the Bush administration is the way they view risk. If they had it their way they would remove most regulations and bankruptcy laws. History has already shown us what happens when we don’t regulate industries we end up with people that dominate the market and amass enormous personal fortunes. What about the losers? Well they lose pretty darn hard since there’s no safety net to catch them, might as well not risk a lot. On gas prices I blame the government by not taking more proactive measures to look for alternatives to oil. I mean its common sense who wants to be held hostage to whatever price Saudi Arabia, or Iran and OPEC decide to charge for oil. Some people argue that we should drill offshore, I sure wouldn’t like to see oil-rigs off Miami Beach. So why not just find something cleaner and cheaper that can be made right here in the US. Brazil uses 100% ethanol and imports no gas.


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