Every morning I follow the same routine, I turn off at M. Boulevard, wave my badge to get into the parking lot. I walk up to the #7 entrance, wave my badge again on RFID sensor, and walk around the revolving door. Some days, I choose to enter through the 24-hr entrance which requires security to look through my bag. I proceed towards the factory, staring at new pieces of equipment that I have no idea what their function is. Then I wave my badge again and make my way into the design center and navigate my way through the cubes to my desk. My cube pictured above is not that small at least it has space to move around in. The downside to cubes is the lack of privacy, one minute your surfing the net, and you look up and voila there’s your manager staring at you.
I don’t really drink coffee in the morning just orange juice usually. I read the news for about 10 minutes, check my company email account which I don’t check at home. I stroll over to talk to my group members and give them an update over whatever engineering project I’ve been tackling. We use to talk about LOST when I started in May. Now we talk about mundane topics. I spend the morning coding or running tests. I leave promptly at 12 for lunch, sometime I order take out and bring it back to my cube. I suppose it really depends on how I feel. Some days I have to deal with suppliers from Korea, or Germany. I sit around some pretty pricey equipment in my cube, the two signal generators sitting next to my laptop are worth about 90,000 dollars together. That’s a Motorcycle, and maybe two BMW three series. I guarantee any piece of test equipment sitting around is worth at least 5,000 dollars. I spend the afternoon finishing up my work, keeping my manager up to date and documenting my work. Then my day is done, I casually stroll out the way I came in, and prepare myself mentally for the 1 hr drive home.
If you haven’t figured it out, my ultimate part-job would be being a Tech columnist for a major news organization. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see my name on the byline in the NY-Times?

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