Haitan Strongman and the housing crisis

According to CNN, Emmanuel “Toto” Constant, a former Haitian strongman accused of being responsible for deaths of thousands of Haitians that supported his political rivals, has just been convicted for participating in fraudulent mortgage practices. Prosecutors have alleged that Constant, in his position as the Suffolk Country branch manager for a New-Jersey based mortgage bank D&M, profited by arranging false high appraisals of homes. Most people including myself believe the United States is a country of law and order. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why isn’t anyone checking out who becomes a mortgage broker. Recently the Miami Herald broke a story, that uncovered more than 10,000 individuals with criminal histories were allowed to work in the mortgage business in Florida. The Miami Herald report has found that racketeers, bank robbers and cocaine traffickers were able to get into the mortgage business. If you had any doubts about why our country is in a housing crisis, your questions should be partly answered.

The Miami Herald


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