Hello Moto

Well so I have to say, now that I’m almost done with my first real engineering job. Motorola is a cool hip company to work for. Engineers don’t have a dress code, most days I just wear jeans and T-shirt to work, a lot of people wear flip-flops everyday. My work schedule is pretty flexible too. Overall its a very forward moving company.

My co-workers are very helpful, smart people, and most of them are in their early 30s or mid-20s. Its a nice working environment. They all have very interesting hobbies and are not just engineers but people that have solid outside interest. Just like my interest in politics and photography, one engineer happens to be very good at pottery, another has a passion for high performance cars.

Motorola has a design center on every continent except Antarctica. China, Brazil, and Malaysia have massive factories. What amazes me is the global reach of the company, and guys we don’t just make cell phones we make a lot more things. Its pretty fun to have a job that allows you to be creative.

Motorola recently shocked the market with the fact they made a profit in Q2. Moto is coming back baby. These headlines are all equally lame, but true:

Hold off on the eulogy for Motorola
Motorola dials up unexpected profit on cell phone sales
Motorola accidentally makes a profit
Surprise! Motorola posts profit
Motorola rings up a surprise profit

IMPORTANT: Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, and not necessarily that of Motorola.


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