Georgia vs. Russia and media bias

Most people in the US have never heard of Georgia, no I’m not referring to that southern state, but Georgia the country. Georgia is located in Eastern Europe, sharing borders with Armenia, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Georgia is also one of the strongest allies of the United States in Iraq.

Recently Georgia launched a military operation to take back South Ossetia a breakaway region. Georgia claims that separatists attacked Georgian villages, and therefore they are responding by hunting down those separatist in a full-scale war. The death toll is estimated to be in the hundreds since fighting began, many innocent women and children have been killed by artilery fire or aerial offenses. Russia has entered the war by defending South Ossetia against the Georgian army. This has escalated the violence greatly, Russia may absorb South Ossetia into the Russian federation, while Georgia is attempting to prevent this. A cease-fire maybe near since early this morning, Georgian troops have pull out of the South Ossetian capital.

Particularly what I found interesting about the coverage of this small-scale war in comparison to the conflict in Iraq, is the number of graphic images available of this plight. Its quite interesting you might say, when you think about Iraq which has an estimated death toll of anywhere from 400,000 to 600,000 Iraqis killed, and 4,119 US troops killed since July 2008. Yet, there are no images of such detail returning to US television screens.

I don’t like how we choose to desensitize things, war is war, its not pretty anywhere, if your going to get involved in one you better show people the consequences. You should show people what their kids will be paying back China for, since we borrowed over a trillion dollars to finance the war in Iraq from the Chinese. This is really a roll on the floor laughing moment, the US’s economy is sagging and we are putting ourselves in debt with a country that US is unsure of its long term goals.

Like I said before, and I will say again sometime the truth is hard to handle, but if you can’t handle it your a coward. I agree sometime there is no other option, as was the case in Afghanistan, and the first gulf war. Even then those wars were no less deadly, innocent people still died and soldiers were killed, in war you simply cannot avoid such facts.
I encourage you to go to the msnbc story on Georgian war, and click on the launch slideshow option.


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