Guo Jingjing the Princess of Diving

BEIJING – Move over Michael Phelps you may have won 8 gold medals, but Guo Jingjing has won the name contest. Guo recently won the sixth gold medal of her career, effectively making her the most successful female diver in history. I caught the replay of the women’s three-metre springboard, and I have to say she was quite impressive. The look of confidence on her face when she walks on the diving board is impossible to miss. She executed all her dives flawlessly through every round.

I decided to check her back story out, turns out she is a pretty animated athlete. As you can see from the montage above, Jingjing doesn’t do too bad at modeling either. She is one of the most controversial athletes on the Chinese Olympics team due to her brash interactions with the Chinese press, and her high profile relationships. Undeniably however, she sure knows how to silence her critics. Hats off to you Guo Jingjing you’ve got it all, the catchy name, the looks, and the medals.


One thought on “Guo Jingjing the Princess of Diving”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I have to say, I’m smiling a bit here that you also found this girl to be something! She is my favorite definitely in the diving event. AND I found her to be very pretty, in a traditionally Chinese way, even though I did not know she modeled… aw… hehe I am happy about this blog post.

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