Panda Diplomacy

It turns out Pandas too can be used in the diplomatic process. The UK has been negotiating with China over the loan of two Giant Pandas to the Edinburgh Zoo. I looked up the price of what a typical Panda “loan” runs, apparently approximately 1 million dollars a year, seems sorta pricey.

Taiwan recently announced they would also accept a pair of the attention grabbing bears, as a symbolic representation of their friendship. Even though in my opinion I think there’s a fairly non-existent relationship between them and mainland China. I’m not sure how I feel about the Pandas traveling abroad from their native habitat. The way I look at it, if you want to see Pandas go to China to see them. However, if the Edinburgh Zoo can help in preventing the Panda from going extinct through their conservation programs, a trip to the UK might just be worth it.

In closing due to the fact my blog has a higher readership level than vliang’s blog, I am now the undisputed Panda expert. Liang, I concede still has the music, which she tells me you should thank her for giving everyone good music. Maybe slightly better styling, and commentary on paper sizes. Hey, Viv where did you get that cool domain name?But you can’t beat me at insightful blogging…..cheya…cheya..

On Taiwan Pandas, and On Panda Negotiations in the UK


4 thoughts on “Panda Diplomacy”

  1. Every panda Japan has gotten has been a diplomatic gift. A recent one, (maybe two pandas?) given to Japan was apparently the cause of the big earthquake this past spring. He ‘joked’ with me that if they were not returned, the angry pandas will cause more aftershocks and fires, etc. I think he was serious, though.

  2. panda have always been USED.Japan got (some?) panda(s) this spring. Right after the Chinese guy announced the gift to Japan, there was that huge earthquake from the hometown (or same region) of the pandas. The Chinese (and my Hong Kong friend) claim it happened because the pandas were angry, and they demanded (and he jokingly told me) that the pandas be returned, or else there will be more aftershocks and aftereffects. fires, etc.

  3. Hey Shawn, Finally visited your blog. I like the pictures. They don’t show up in the forced readership emails. Thank you for the news, panda expert =)

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