What I’ve learned…

This semester has been very low key. I have had some good outcomes, some bad but overall I remain optimist about the semester and life. I guess what has disappointed me a little, is my realign of acquaintances. I really haven’t met anyone new, I have toned down my opinionated nature a bit. I think if you talk to me in the near future you will find that I will significantly cut down on the amount of topics I discuss.

I still I have a chance at two thing however, maybe, maybe not.



Well I’m proud to say I voted on the right side of history. Tonight, Barack Obama and Joe Biden won, finally the nice guys, the smart guys, won the election fair and square. I am so proud to be a citizen of the United States of America today to know that Americans chose to vote for a new way of thinking. I’m was so happy to see the large amount of Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and White Americans, that came out and voted for Obama. I don’t really see this victory as a half African-American, East Indian to be that big of a deal for me personally. The fact is yes Barack is African-American, but hes also half-white, putting aside his race. Barack is a very smart talented individual, he won because of that and because in America we always judge people based on their abilities, and for who they are and not for what they look like. While that is not always true I hope, it will be more true moving forward.

I think we can do better, I think we need a better education system. We need healthcare for every citizen, I’m tired of living in greatest country in the world from so many aspects and seeing people having to struggle with healthcare and education costs. I’m tired of Republians arguing about family values, when they don’t care about the people that have to work up to three jobs to make ends meet. They simply say keep working hard you’ll, get what you deserve. Lets be frank for a moment here, you and I both know that sometime you work very hard for things you will never achieve. I myself have worked very hard for personal relationships and professional things that I will never achieve. Such is life. Yes life is not fair, but theres no need to rub it in. So why punish hard working Americans living on mimimum wage, why not give them the lives of dignity they deserve. Why not give up to a years maternity leave like in the UK? Why not reform the tax system to give people that make less than $250,000 a year a tax break. For the people that complain to me that make more than $250,000 a year, number one if you get taxed more, grow up your never going to feel it. Number two, believe me society at large is more important than your need for a new porsche, frankly you are very rich sitting in that tax bracket.

We have to say yes to more funding for the science and math to encourage more kids to get into engineering. The world is changing we need to keep up. We need to encourage people to be creative and break social sterotypes, some that have substainlly impacted my life. Tonight we are moving in the right direction.