The Beat Goes on

Everyday I read the news, I discover something more hilarious about Blagojevich, he is quite the charmer. Just hang loose according to him. This guy is nuts he wants to jog, did he not see the snow storm?

Next week/Next Year, I’ll be heading towards Central America. I’m glad the fall semester is done, I need a change in scenery. I plan to see what else there is to do in Champaign-Urbana, next semester, join a few different clubs.

I wish I could dance better and more at the moment I have a thing for 70s, and 60s music. I think I might go to the beach tomorrow night, and hang out.

Tonight I was talking to Sarah B., and I think these lines sum it up well:

Shawn (10:38:37 PM): I am a electrical engineer, I’m nerd, I like traveling, and long conversations

adderlys (11:06:26 PM): my only obsession is photography, and politics

Sarah (10:39:45 PM): shawn you are a great person, what is wrong with any of the above??
Shawn (10:40:17 PM): who knows

As N. Kiyavash once said in her Iranian accent, “You know nerds are getting more popular”

On my play list at the moment:

1. Coldplay Don’t Panic
2. MC Hammer U Can’t Touch This
3. Diana Ross and the Supremes – You Just Keep Me Hanging On
4. KC and the Sunshine Band – Keep it coming Love
Earth, Wind & Fire – Boggie Wonderland


Happy Holidays and Whats up

Well, I just celebrated Christmas the same way I have for the past 20 years or so. I have a bit of work to catch up on over the break. The first thing I need to take care of is learning C++ well, which will be helpfully for the next company I work for. I have a few books to order. I also need to design a new website, and working on my grammar. Remember restrictive clauses vs. non-restrictive clauses, yea me neither. I bid on a copy of Profiles in Courage off ebay, written by the late President Kennedy.

Continued DCA-MIA

On my flight from Chicago to Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). I had the pleasure of talking to a lawyer who worked for the EPA. We had a good conversation, and I explained my chosen research area of electromagnetics, plasma-physics, and GPS. She told me I was very good at explaining hard concepts in simple terms. She recommended I look into patent law or a becoming an expert witness. I always love visiting our nation’s capital, I just wished it wasn’t so cold. I was happy that I got to see Luciana, my future counsel. (Who will get me that consultant job at her law firm right Luchy?). It’s a pleasure for me to see buildings and monuments in the capital that are over 150 years old. It is also a symbol of the reslience and strength of the United States, and its 232 year history. My personal favorite is the World War II memorial, which is still relatively new. I put a picture of the WWII memorial in my last post.

I would say the memorial that I am most moved by is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, arguably the most controversial war in US history. Last time I visited Washington DC, I visited the wall alone. The memorial is designed as a marble wall listing the names of the 58,195 soliders that died in the war. The wall design was chosen because it serves as a memorial to those who served, and avoids commentary on the war itself. I am upset everytime I visit the wall and stare at all the names, I think how did the US manage to get 58,195 people killed in a meaningless war.

Of course no trip to DC would be complete without looking at the Lincoln Memorial. For those of you that don’t know the reason the Lincoln memorial is flat on top rather than round like the Jefferson Memorial (a popular place to propose when the cherry blossom are blooming). Jefferson lived a long fulfilling life, Lincoln did not so that is why the top of the memorial is flat. Yet Lincoln rightfully so, is one of the greatest presidents in US history.


Yesterday, I had a few interesting conversations on my trip back to Miami. If I don’t travel on the business class car on Amtrak which the 6:10am train did not have, I usually try to spend the majority of my time sitting in the dining car. I met a second grade teacher from Mississippi who
was traveling back to Chicago for the Christmas holiday to visit her family. She talked about growing up in Chicago, and generally how the economy affected her. I’ve always admired the teaching profession it does not pay that well, but is very important. I wondered if she broke the forty thousand a year mark, I doubt it being a elementary school teacher. I was once looking at a listing of companies more admired or maybe it was a listing of companies with the most happy employees.

Teach for America was on that list, and you may ask why like my friend did. Well, the idea behind Teach for America is simple. They find extremely smart students coming out of college in Math and Science, that want to teach at the high school level for a short period of time. I like the program because teaching is a public service, and all of those people that join the program are smart, and they can influence kids to take a career in the area. I myself was influenced by teachers that have profoundly impacted the way I choose look at the world.

Most of the people that do Teach for America leave with good experiences knowing they’ve potentially impacted society in a positive way, when they choose to go back to corporate America. So in reality they still make their top dollars with their degrees, and gain some extra memories.


Well, I’m waiting for my Amtrak Train #58 heading up to Chicago. Although other people tell me about their less than mundane travel experiences on the train, I still prefer Amtrak. I wish the US had high speed rail like most European and Asian countries. I’ve been Lucky to try German, Danish, and Taiwanese high speed trail. Next stop our Nation’s capitol. In the near future I have to find a way to visit Luciana during the semester, and spend some time in DC one of my favorite cities in the US.

I met a French grad student that’s studying politician science and English, at my old roommate’s place. I took five years of French. Last night, I though it was funny American words like extortion, and bulldozer sound exactly the same as their french counterpart minus the accent. Anyway, it did encourage me to want to review my French. A businessman once told me the only reason that you learn French is to run after French women.

Public Opinions and acquaintances

Most people that know me, will tell you I have very strong opinions on society at large. I think most of mine are out of line with the mainstream goals of society. In my journeys at engineering powerhouse U of Illinois, I’ve only managed to find one person who truly sees the world the way I do. I’m more interested in using my education to change the way people look at the world. When I worked at a large technology company for a short period, I gained admiration for my ability to take large risks, and approach things in unconventional ways.

I have some interesting ideas in the areas of engineering, business, education, and public policy that I’d like to try out. We shall see how far my dreams, and aspirations get me.

As for myself personally I was able to reassess my acquaintances this semester. Like most people in history I read about I love when historians refer to everyone as complex figures. Well it seems I am a complex figure, some people really admire me, some people think I’m too tough, some people think I’m too nice, or occasionally someone that gets to know me really well gets to see my true persona.

My father always said, don’t worry about missing out on one opportunity, or stress over one specific thing, another opportunity will always follow.My mom always offers me equally good advice. In many ways my dads advice is very true. I don’t worry too much about losing “friends”, people come and go for a variety of reasons. I think most people would agree I’m fairly sociable its not too hard to find new people. I honestly do try my best to treat people the best I can, but as with many things in life, things don’t turn out the way you want them too. And I think that’s ok, if they did life would be boring. I guess I’m slightly disappointed I lost a friend or two. I realize people change, and some people are better than me at playing games. But you know people end up screwing themselves over its nothing vindictive, but I prefer to live on my terms, and I will not compromise my integrity or principles for anyone else.

I guess one of the nice things of not being tied down to anyone is that I have the world at my doorstep. I always hold the ace card.

On the BBC

I always liked the BBC and their flashy countdowns:

And oh yea…BBC the Box…who would not want to work for the BBC myself included!

Dee Dee Myers and Finals

I’ve been to many distinguished lectures during my time at the University of Illinois. However, I have to say Dee Dee Myers was quite possibly one of more inspirational speakers, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. For those of you that don’t know Dee Dee Myers had the distinction of being the first female press secretary for a US president under the Clinton administration. Particularly I found her message to inspire young feminist, uplifting. The bottom line during her talk was to get across the point, that you need to be confident in things you are passionate about.

Naturally as she pointed out, she is a partisan and could not resist making some comments about the incoming Obama administration and the election that is still being put to bed. I agreed with her that the only place to find experienced people was to look to the Clinton administration since, they have been the only democratic administration in the past 20 plus years.