Public Opinions and acquaintances

Most people that know me, will tell you I have very strong opinions on society at large. I think most of mine are out of line with the mainstream goals of society. In my journeys at engineering powerhouse U of Illinois, I’ve only managed to find one person who truly sees the world the way I do. I’m more interested in using my education to change the way people look at the world. When I worked at a large technology company for a short period, I gained admiration for my ability to take large risks, and approach things in unconventional ways.

I have some interesting ideas in the areas of engineering, business, education, and public policy that I’d like to try out. We shall see how far my dreams, and aspirations get me.

As for myself personally I was able to reassess my acquaintances this semester. Like most people in history I read about I love when historians refer to everyone as complex figures. Well it seems I am a complex figure, some people really admire me, some people think I’m too tough, some people think I’m too nice, or occasionally someone that gets to know me really well gets to see my true persona.

My father always said, don’t worry about missing out on one opportunity, or stress over one specific thing, another opportunity will always follow.My mom always offers me equally good advice. In many ways my dads advice is very true. I don’t worry too much about losing “friends”, people come and go for a variety of reasons. I think most people would agree I’m fairly sociable its not too hard to find new people. I honestly do try my best to treat people the best I can, but as with many things in life, things don’t turn out the way you want them too. And I think that’s ok, if they did life would be boring. I guess I’m slightly disappointed I lost a friend or two. I realize people change, and some people are better than me at playing games. But you know people end up screwing themselves over its nothing vindictive, but I prefer to live on my terms, and I will not compromise my integrity or principles for anyone else.

I guess one of the nice things of not being tied down to anyone is that I have the world at my doorstep. I always hold the ace card.

On the BBC

I always liked the BBC and their flashy countdowns:

And oh yea…BBC the Box…who would not want to work for the BBC myself included!


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