Well, I’m waiting for my Amtrak Train #58 heading up to Chicago. Although other people tell me about their less than mundane travel experiences on the train, I still prefer Amtrak. I wish the US had high speed rail like most European and Asian countries. I’ve been Lucky to try German, Danish, and Taiwanese high speed trail. Next stop our Nation’s capitol. In the near future I have to find a way to visit Luciana during the semester, and spend some time in DC one of my favorite cities in the US.

I met a French grad student that’s studying politician science and English, at my old roommate’s place. I took five years of French. Last night, I though it was funny American words like extortion, and bulldozer sound exactly the same as their french counterpart minus the accent. Anyway, it did encourage me to want to review my French. A businessman once told me the only reason that you learn French is to run after French women.


2 thoughts on “Traveling”

  1. oh Shawn Adderly, your posts are always highly amusing. 🙂 i’ll be in Chicago from around Christmas to about January 2nd, so if that’s on your list of cities, we should hang out! And i totally agree, we need high speed rail!! And the Parisian metro system!!! rawr.happy break~

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