Yesterday, I had a few interesting conversations on my trip back to Miami. If I don’t travel on the business class car on Amtrak which the 6:10am train did not have, I usually try to spend the majority of my time sitting in the dining car. I met a second grade teacher from Mississippi who
was traveling back to Chicago for the Christmas holiday to visit her family. She talked about growing up in Chicago, and generally how the economy affected her. I’ve always admired the teaching profession it does not pay that well, but is very important. I wondered if she broke the forty thousand a year mark, I doubt it being a elementary school teacher. I was once looking at a listing of companies more admired or maybe it was a listing of companies with the most happy employees.

Teach for America was on that list, and you may ask why like my friend did. Well, the idea behind Teach for America is simple. They find extremely smart students coming out of college in Math and Science, that want to teach at the high school level for a short period of time. I like the program because teaching is a public service, and all of those people that join the program are smart, and they can influence kids to take a career in the area. I myself was influenced by teachers that have profoundly impacted the way I choose look at the world.

Most of the people that do Teach for America leave with good experiences knowing they’ve potentially impacted society in a positive way, when they choose to go back to corporate America. So in reality they still make their top dollars with their degrees, and gain some extra memories.


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