Continued DCA-MIA

On my flight from Chicago to Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). I had the pleasure of talking to a lawyer who worked for the EPA. We had a good conversation, and I explained my chosen research area of electromagnetics, plasma-physics, and GPS. She told me I was very good at explaining hard concepts in simple terms. She recommended I look into patent law or a becoming an expert witness. I always love visiting our nation’s capital, I just wished it wasn’t so cold. I was happy that I got to see Luciana, my future counsel. (Who will get me that consultant job at her law firm right Luchy?). It’s a pleasure for me to see buildings and monuments in the capital that are over 150 years old. It is also a symbol of the reslience and strength of the United States, and its 232 year history. My personal favorite is the World War II memorial, which is still relatively new. I put a picture of the WWII memorial in my last post.

I would say the memorial that I am most moved by is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, arguably the most controversial war in US history. Last time I visited Washington DC, I visited the wall alone. The memorial is designed as a marble wall listing the names of the 58,195 soliders that died in the war. The wall design was chosen because it serves as a memorial to those who served, and avoids commentary on the war itself. I am upset everytime I visit the wall and stare at all the names, I think how did the US manage to get 58,195 people killed in a meaningless war.

Of course no trip to DC would be complete without looking at the Lincoln Memorial. For those of you that don’t know the reason the Lincoln memorial is flat on top rather than round like the Jefferson Memorial (a popular place to propose when the cherry blossom are blooming). Jefferson lived a long fulfilling life, Lincoln did not so that is why the top of the memorial is flat. Yet Lincoln rightfully so, is one of the greatest presidents in US history.


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