The Beat Goes on

Everyday I read the news, I discover something more hilarious about Blagojevich, he is quite the charmer. Just hang loose according to him. This guy is nuts he wants to jog, did he not see the snow storm?

Next week/Next Year, I’ll be heading towards Central America. I’m glad the fall semester is done, I need a change in scenery. I plan to see what else there is to do in Champaign-Urbana, next semester, join a few different clubs.

I wish I could dance better and more at the moment I have a thing for 70s, and 60s music. I think I might go to the beach tomorrow night, and hang out.

Tonight I was talking to Sarah B., and I think these lines sum it up well:

Shawn (10:38:37 PM): I am a electrical engineer, I’m nerd, I like traveling, and long conversations

adderlys (11:06:26 PM): my only obsession is photography, and politics

Sarah (10:39:45 PM): shawn you are a great person, what is wrong with any of the above??
Shawn (10:40:17 PM): who knows

As N. Kiyavash once said in her Iranian accent, “You know nerds are getting more popular”

On my play list at the moment:

1. Coldplay Don’t Panic
2. MC Hammer U Can’t Touch This
3. Diana Ross and the Supremes – You Just Keep Me Hanging On
4. KC and the Sunshine Band – Keep it coming Love
Earth, Wind & Fire – Boggie Wonderland


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