I expect only one person will get the title, thats just the way this one works, oh well. I took a leave of absence from my blog for the past few weeks. Happy 2009 if I haven’t spoken to some of you. I was out of the country for a week, you can look at the pictures I took from Belize and Guatemala here. I don’t mind returning to the state of Illinois, but the weather does not look so great up there. Some thoughts for the new year. Many people ask me how I know so much about so many topics from time to time. Well, I read about whatever interests me, everyday. I haven’t read any full-length books over break, I actually don’t really enjoy reading novels that much. I prefer non-fiction when I do read full-length books.

My thoughts on college 2 1/2 years in, are just keep a low-key persona, let people believe what they want, enjoy what you do. I’m glad with the people I’ve met. I happened to be lucky enough to run across a person or two who have a real appreciation of learning, and like to look at the big picture.

I guess the people that irk me the most, are the ones that never sit down and say “well what if I did that, yea its not quite the norm, but it’s worth a try.” Some people I’ve met also try so hard to stand out with their own quirks and try to talk about things they don’t fully grasps. And when it comes down to the facts and putting yourself on the line and fighting for what you believe in, people usually go MIA. In high school I saw this as a problem during the election year, of course most people I knew were a “die-hard liberals”, who could only say, “Oh yea I’m really liberal that’s why I support Kerry.” I think it is fair to say I had such a good grasp on the underlying issues and ideas, that I got bored talking to wannabe political hacks, and that pretty much why I started picking up debates with people like Dr.Regalado that could gie me a challenge. Luchy and Mohamed can vouch for me here. Although I must say Luchy has now turned into a Political Hack (a real one), and I’m in peril if she brings up certain topics. I’ve even been in a few yelling matches with Regalado, I think I’ve only won one of those, he significantly destroyed all my arguments. In academia everything is suppose to be debatable, so question everything relentlessly.

So I was listening to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons earlier. They were pretty good back in the day, I’d like to see Jersey Boys sometime.


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