One World

Please someone get this title.I’ve flown over 100,000 miles on American Airlines (AA), so it’s not an unusual feeling that I expect better service being a frequent flier. Sure I don’t have to pay the baggage fees, and my luggage comes out first with the first class luggage. I occasionally get upgraded to first class, but I like to avoid the first class cabin since I sometimes feel uncomfortable flying in first class, an contradictory statement you might say. But the customer service on American Airlines is horrible. So, let’s recap the reason why I’m writing this. Yesterday I checked in online for my flight to Champaign. However, I have two checked bags so I usually go to the first/business class counter or electronic check in whichever happens to be faster. I usually get into the priority first/business/crew security line to quickly go through security thanks to my status on AA. Anyway the point, so I checked in around 7:05 AM with the luggage, after my dad dropped me and my mom off, while he parked. It took him until 7:30 to find a parking spot at MIA. I didn’t want to leave without saying bye to my dad. So I waited and he came to concourse C, and I said bye to my parents. I got to the gate around 7:50, and I looked down at my watch the flight was scheduled to depart at 8:05 so I went up to the gate for boarding, and the gate agent (only in Miami) remarks to me, your S.Adderly right I said yes, and she sounded upset, and leads me to the jet way quickly (HSBC ads of course all over it). And I of course sarcastically respond, and she tells me it’s important we have a on-time departure,so we get into the jet way and there’s a huge line of people waiting to the board the plane, since everyone is trying to stuff every last piece of luggage in the overheard compartment, and I continue to sarcastically talk to the gate agent who has printed out the flight manifest once I arrived. I admit I’ve had some really good service on AA from time to time, but the bad service does stick out to you.


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