Dublin Philharmonic

Tonight, I saw the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Krannert Center.
I always enjoy a bit of the pageantry involved with the conductor shaking the first violinist’s hand. I did have a discussion with a friend earlier on the merits of going to a Krannert Center event versus going out to the bar. We’ll from my point of view it’s worth the money, I happen to like classical music. I just don’t find an evening at Kam’s so appealing. If you want to have a drink, at least find somewhere classy to go. Look for my third article sometime next week.

The following painting is by Louis Guarnaccais of Nantucket Sound with offshore wind turbines. I’m a bit undecided whether we should go ahead with a project that will clutter part of the ocean. I guess it is a tradeoff between our power needs, and nature. How about me how have I been doing lately? School has been really busy. I have a test on Monday, but I’d like to find something fun to do this weekend, see some people I haven’t seen in a while. I think it’s funny how life is with people you know. Some people you spent a while, invested a lot of time in getting to know and then they just drifted away. That is a bit discouraging, but I guess it’s also a fact of life.

I spoke to my friend about the differences between her high school bf and her current one, and she said in hs she wants to date a jerk, and that didn’t go so well. She wised up when she became a junior. Yet, I think it’s irrelevant to act so tough without justification. I think I’ve done a lot of things with my life, so in that regards I don’t think I’m boring. Am I too nice?I think not if you notice my demeanor has become really unrelenting in some aspects. I think I’ve pretty much gauged how everyone wants to be treated, and I will treat them accordingly.

As much as I think field of physiology cannot explain many things, I think reading a few physiology books would have helped me outwit and outlast as the survivor mantra goes. Perhaps I should have realized I’m engineer, I’m suppose to pay attention to detail.


Strunk and White

Quick comments, I had three exams this week. They were all fairly challenging and a bit disheartening, but that is life. Here’s one recommendation, I have: go out and pick up a copy of Strunk and White, the Elements of Style the best grammar guide on the market, if you don’t own a copy already. Next up, next week Nuclear Engineering Exam. I haven’t decided what relevant blog topic I want to discuss yet, latest random topic on my mind I want to visit Korea.

My latest article

I now know who sung the song, I saw on the KBS Drama Awards.


The Week is Over

So I just came back from a late-night run to Jimmy John’s. There is no place on campus that can beat Jimmy John’s speed for making a sandwich. Anyway, this week was busy and eventful as usual. I spoke to my dad today about speed limits in Montana and car accidents. Apparently for a while up to 1999 Montana had a non-numeric speed limit, which was defined as “reasonable and prudent”. There were not many fatal traffic accidents, during the time when no speed limit existed, so does a speed limit matter?

Conan O’Brien had his last show on late night, he is moving to the tonight show later this year. I guess I’ll have to watch the replay online. I imagine it’s pretty fun to be a writer for a comedy show of the size. Although, I still like Leno. If I could do stand-up comedy that would be fun.

My chances of becoming a writer for the NYT are getting better everyday. So lately nothing has quite gotten to me, which has gotten me to think I don’t care anymore, or I’ve reached a state where I’ve put everything into perspective. I think I’ve reached the latter. I guess I do wish, some of my friends took time to develop a more reasonable and ambitious worldview. The world is way too exciting to waste your time on trival matters.

Pacifica and February so far

Tonight, I went to a performance by the Pacifica Quartet, unless you have been living under a rock the faculty quartet in residence, picked up the 2009 Grammy award for Best Chamber Music Performance. I believe this is my third time seeing the quartet play. I’ve always admired people for their musical talents, and Pacifica is no exception they are quite good. I imagine keeping up with their teaching schedule, and traveling around the world is no easy task. Although, sometime I do talk about engineering as a” superior” major. Not everyone is cut out to be a engineer, just like I’m not cut out to be a exceptional musician. Despite my previous unpleasant experience attempting to date a music major, it would be quite gratifying to date someone exceptionally good and be able to watch their performances.

I am pretty content with the semester so far, I never complain about the classes. I was so lucky that I was able to achieve a few things here and there, although I don’t really trivialize my successes. I don’t really waste time celebrating every small gain. I prefer systems thinking, I like thinking about the big picture. If you watch LOST, you probably know that Universe self-corrects itself. I think the guy on the violin does a good job:

Lack of Ethics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard that there have been 8 deaths, and over 575 illnesses, due to the fact a peanut plant sold tainted products. However, they did not do it by accident, they willing lied to the FDA, and still shipped a bunch of peanut butter that tested positive for salmonella. Most people would ask, isn’t that illegal, well it is, but companies don’t have the routinely release their test results. I’m very disappointed with the corporate ethics of this company.



A breath of Fresh Air

As I watched President Obama field a variety of questions mostly on the economy, I was so proud to see that our President was able to answer each question thoughtfully. This was a huge difference from the past eight years, when our previous President could not break a question up in pieces, and gave simple yes or no answers. Tonight the American people, got the answers they were looking for, or at least I did and so did Gayathri and Luciana. Many of the topics he touched on the economy were self-explanatory for any person that has commonsense. For instance, Obama pointed out that tax cuts have been tried for the past 8 years, and they have not worked. Despite your philosophical difference on big government vs. small government, commonsense does tell you if something hasn’t worked you probably want to try something else.

The upshot is, Obama asked rhetorically did they want him to do nothing in the face of a huge economic mess caused by his predecessor. He also asked, why are most schools in the United States more than 50 years old, why are we not digitizing medical records to prevent errors and save money, why are we so opposed to green construction and retrofitting that will save us money.

The thing that made my night was when Rachel Maddow showed a graph of the GDP for the past century or so. When the US went into the great depression FDR decided to spend more through his new deal program. Now when the republicans convinced him to cut back on spending and give out tax cuts, guess what happened the GDP went down?It’s not that I don’t believe Americans can’t decide what they should do with their money. I just think its unreasonable to believe that receiving 300 dollars is a big deal. Overall, I remain optimist and I think Obama will silence his critics. For you intellectuals out there think about the similarities between Hoover and Bush.


I’ve made up my mind on Krannert Center Events I might want to see for the month of February/March. If you want to go with me, company is welcomed.

Here they are:

Pacifica Quartet

2/19-2/21 (One of the dates)
Rappaccini’s Daughter

2/24 at noon or 5 pm or 9 pm (Different Performers)
Day of the Drum:Interval

2/26 or 2/27
Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra 2/26 or 2/27

Champaign-Urbana Symphony Ochestra
A Tribute to John Williams
i.e Indiana Jones, Jaws, ET, Star Wars, etc

March 5-7 or 12-14
How to Succeed in Business without really trying

ECE Ilinois

The great thing about Electrical Engineering is: it has so many things that have yet to be discovered. In my semi-conductors course we’ve been reading about the development of the Internet, integrated circuits, and cell phones. Many of you probably don’t know Illinois is home to the inventors of the transistor, LCD, and led. There is a reason why we are the #1 public university electrical engineering department in the US or the world you could argue.

I believe the transistor was probably the single most important contribution anyone has ever give to mankind. Without transistors I would not be typing on this laptop, or watching my high-resolution LCD monitor. Lately I’ve been reading about Gordon Moore, the guy was flat out brilliant and Jack Kilby a U of I alum who created the integrated circuit, brilliant. Last night I was solving a hw problem with my friend, and we both rationalized that anyone would be a moron to design the phone in question. That was the point of the problem to say the phone sucked. But its those gray area design problems in engineering that make you say oh shoot.

Watch the first three minutes of this. No has anything on the Korean girl in the dress. And can someone get me one of those suits. I did get a new blazer recently.