What’s on my mind?

I think it’s disheartening everyday when I read msnbc, and many stories talk about unemployment, and people killing their families because they were distraught over losing their job, or about to lose their house. Some people would argue that these people deserve what they got, and if they worked harder in life they wouldn’t be in this situation. Well, that is not true, unless your the CEO of a company your fate is ultimately determined by someone else. The tech company I use to work for laid off 4,000 thousand workers in quarter 1, two of which I knew. Even if you are a high paid engineer, and you can still lose your job by being in a unforuntate division. It happens to hardworking people all the time, and most of those people have bills to pay. My own mother was laid-off, but thankfully she didn’t really need to find another job. Many other people don’t have that luxury, it sucks. Who do we blame, well I blame the greed on wallstreet, and the deregulation, and the fact for the past 8 years there were no investments made to stimulate our domestic economy.

What can I do about it I’m not sure?I barely understand the finepoints our of economy, it’s an art. I probably should take another economic, and a finance class before I graduate. What suprises me the most is the people that I know that do understand the economy don’t want to find ways to fix the underlying problems. But luckily we don’t have the same fairly-tale trickle down economics hacks we had 8 years ago. Although it maybe too late.




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