ECE Ilinois

The great thing about Electrical Engineering is: it has so many things that have yet to be discovered. In my semi-conductors course we’ve been reading about the development of the Internet, integrated circuits, and cell phones. Many of you probably don’t know Illinois is home to the inventors of the transistor, LCD, and led. There is a reason why we are the #1 public university electrical engineering department in the US or the world you could argue.

I believe the transistor was probably the single most important contribution anyone has ever give to mankind. Without transistors I would not be typing on this laptop, or watching my high-resolution LCD monitor. Lately I’ve been reading about Gordon Moore, the guy was flat out brilliant and Jack Kilby a U of I alum who created the integrated circuit, brilliant. Last night I was solving a hw problem with my friend, and we both rationalized that anyone would be a moron to design the phone in question. That was the point of the problem to say the phone sucked. But its those gray area design problems in engineering that make you say oh shoot.

Watch the first three minutes of this. No has anything on the Korean girl in the dress. And can someone get me one of those suits. I did get a new blazer recently.


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