A breath of Fresh Air

As I watched President Obama field a variety of questions mostly on the economy, I was so proud to see that our President was able to answer each question thoughtfully. This was a huge difference from the past eight years, when our previous President could not break a question up in pieces, and gave simple yes or no answers. Tonight the American people, got the answers they were looking for, or at least I did and so did Gayathri and Luciana. Many of the topics he touched on the economy were self-explanatory for any person that has commonsense. For instance, Obama pointed out that tax cuts have been tried for the past 8 years, and they have not worked. Despite your philosophical difference on big government vs. small government, commonsense does tell you if something hasn’t worked you probably want to try something else.

The upshot is, Obama asked rhetorically did they want him to do nothing in the face of a huge economic mess caused by his predecessor. He also asked, why are most schools in the United States more than 50 years old, why are we not digitizing medical records to prevent errors and save money, why are we so opposed to green construction and retrofitting that will save us money.

The thing that made my night was when Rachel Maddow showed a graph of the GDP for the past century or so. When the US went into the great depression FDR decided to spend more through his new deal program. Now when the republicans convinced him to cut back on spending and give out tax cuts, guess what happened the GDP went down?It’s not that I don’t believe Americans can’t decide what they should do with their money. I just think its unreasonable to believe that receiving 300 dollars is a big deal. Overall, I remain optimist and I think Obama will silence his critics. For you intellectuals out there think about the similarities between Hoover and Bush.


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