Pacifica and February so far

Tonight, I went to a performance by the Pacifica Quartet, unless you have been living under a rock the faculty quartet in residence, picked up the 2009 Grammy award for Best Chamber Music Performance. I believe this is my third time seeing the quartet play. I’ve always admired people for their musical talents, and Pacifica is no exception they are quite good. I imagine keeping up with their teaching schedule, and traveling around the world is no easy task. Although, sometime I do talk about engineering as a” superior” major. Not everyone is cut out to be a engineer, just like I’m not cut out to be a exceptional musician. Despite my previous unpleasant experience attempting to date a music major, it would be quite gratifying to date someone exceptionally good and be able to watch their performances.

I am pretty content with the semester so far, I never complain about the classes. I was so lucky that I was able to achieve a few things here and there, although I don’t really trivialize my successes. I don’t really waste time celebrating every small gain. I prefer systems thinking, I like thinking about the big picture. If you watch LOST, you probably know that Universe self-corrects itself. I think the guy on the violin does a good job:


One thought on “Pacifica and February so far”

  1. The other day, I was in the Union south lounge at night with friends, and we met this guy named Samar Fanek. He played all kinds of things on the piano for us, and did Cold Play, too. I think he is on youtube maybe…

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