The Week is Over

So I just came back from a late-night run to Jimmy John’s. There is no place on campus that can beat Jimmy John’s speed for making a sandwich. Anyway, this week was busy and eventful as usual. I spoke to my dad today about speed limits in Montana and car accidents. Apparently for a while up to 1999 Montana had a non-numeric speed limit, which was defined as “reasonable and prudent”. There were not many fatal traffic accidents, during the time when no speed limit existed, so does a speed limit matter?

Conan O’Brien had his last show on late night, he is moving to the tonight show later this year. I guess I’ll have to watch the replay online. I imagine it’s pretty fun to be a writer for a comedy show of the size. Although, I still like Leno. If I could do stand-up comedy that would be fun.

My chances of becoming a writer for the NYT are getting better everyday. So lately nothing has quite gotten to me, which has gotten me to think I don’t care anymore, or I’ve reached a state where I’ve put everything into perspective. I think I’ve reached the latter. I guess I do wish, some of my friends took time to develop a more reasonable and ambitious worldview. The world is way too exciting to waste your time on trival matters.


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