Dublin Philharmonic

Tonight, I saw the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Krannert Center.
I always enjoy a bit of the pageantry involved with the conductor shaking the first violinist’s hand. I did have a discussion with a friend earlier on the merits of going to a Krannert Center event versus going out to the bar. We’ll from my point of view it’s worth the money, I happen to like classical music. I just don’t find an evening at Kam’s so appealing. If you want to have a drink, at least find somewhere classy to go. Look for my third article sometime next week.

The following painting is by Louis Guarnaccais of Nantucket Sound with offshore wind turbines. I’m a bit undecided whether we should go ahead with a project that will clutter part of the ocean. I guess it is a tradeoff between our power needs, and nature. How about me how have I been doing lately? School has been really busy. I have a test on Monday, but I’d like to find something fun to do this weekend, see some people I haven’t seen in a while. I think it’s funny how life is with people you know. Some people you spent a while, invested a lot of time in getting to know and then they just drifted away. That is a bit discouraging, but I guess it’s also a fact of life.

I spoke to my friend about the differences between her high school bf and her current one, and she said in hs she wants to date a jerk, and that didn’t go so well. She wised up when she became a junior. Yet, I think it’s irrelevant to act so tough without justification. I think I’ve done a lot of things with my life, so in that regards I don’t think I’m boring. Am I too nice?I think not if you notice my demeanor has become really unrelenting in some aspects. I think I’ve pretty much gauged how everyone wants to be treated, and I will treat them accordingly.

As much as I think field of physiology cannot explain many things, I think reading a few physiology books would have helped me outwit and outlast as the survivor mantra goes. Perhaps I should have realized I’m engineer, I’m suppose to pay attention to detail.


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