I’m back!

Well, like everyone else I wish Spring Break was two weeks long. Other than that, I’ve been really lazy since I’ve returned. I got my exams back that I took before break, they all turned out well. Persistence does pay off in school, hopefully that is true in life also. But I think faith plays a role too.

And my Position on GM is that the government shouldn’t bail them out. They should go bankrupt and get restructured. As a taxpaying American, I am tired of corporate bailouts and golden parachutes for CEOs.


In Transit to Champaign

This morning my flight from Miami-Philadelphia was delayed about 45 minutes, due to weather. I could understand why, when I realized the pilot landed the plane in near-zero visibility conditions in Philly. Hopefully my flight over towards Chicago will take off without delay. If you got a chance to read my previous blog posts you would know, I was out of the United States for the majority of my break.

I basically left Miami International Airport, at 7 PM last night, and came back at 6:05AM for my flight out. This week, look out for a few DI articles from me, in my never ending pursuit to write for the NYT.

I also have to give the Philly airport props for its, free wifi, and street market pricing.


So today, I was out at my mom’s sisters place, a little girl comes up to me. My second or third cousin I suppose and says with a strong Trinidadian accent can you take off your glasses, you look better without them. And I said come here little girl, have some chips you are wise. She is about 6 and more in-tuned to social images than I am.

I think style is really important, substance is part of the equation, but appearance is more important.

I was watching Ripley’s belive it or not last night, and some women broke a record by swimming in their Lingerie around Sharks. Pretty damn brave.

Port of Spain-TT

Change is a very good word for Trinidad. Some parts of the country seem to improve, while other parts seem stuck in time, or are worst now then they use to be. Visiting Trinidad is always an experience. If you didn’t know Trinidad and Tobago, was the smallest country ever to qualify for a world-cup. Even though my time here is limited, my mother is from Trinidad, and despite its short-comings she is proud of it. The temperature here is about 87 degrees, without any air-conditioning. In Miami before I left it was about 81 degrees during the day. I brought some work with me to do in my free time that I have. I don’t mind visiting Trinidad there’s a lot of interesting things to do and experience, if I had more time I’d go to the beach. But life is an experience. I guess that’s all I have to say for the moment thanks to my “borrowed” internet.


March 24th:


March 25th:


Dork, Nerd, Geek?What?IDK

U of I recently did a study on why girl’s did not want to pursue careers in Computer Science, they came to the conclusion that some girls feared being labeled nerds and geeks. Well, what does being a nerd really mean, how do you differentiate between a nerd, a dork, and a geek?It is quite simple actually. A nerd is someone who is very smart academically but can’t do anything else, these people are never able to move up in a company, or end up as boring professors. A dork is someone who can be awkward at times, not necessarily smart, but is clumsy. A geek on the other hand is someone who is really passionate about something. On one hand you have the geek chic. defined as a girl who wears black rim glasses, and buys clothing from threadless.com. OK it’s my definition of a good looking geek-chic Asian girl (Sharon is still a 10 though) .

OMG-SW? You might be asking. Well these three words define who we are, there is a certain stigma attached to being an engineer. I mean how funny, some of these people are so brilliant yet so under appreciated. Darn. I guess it is true, sometime people get caught up with what they do.
I mean I do sure I was told I’m too not obsessed with pop-culture enough. I’m not jerk enough, therefore that makes me boring. SO, I thought eh OK what do I do? I gotta take care of this?

Clothing yea, OK I probably should get stylish I’m working on that. Glasses eh?I like my glasses, they suit me, black rim frames of course. What do I talk about LOST, House?My favorite two shows no engineer gets time to watch TV? Photography I’m passionate about that, I like to write. Maybe I’ll just become a journalist and write for the times now that’s a thought life in the big apple?But I don’t really want a full-time gig. I learned to nod and smile, and avoid the questions of substance.

But what am I? I dunno maybe I’m a bit of all three, is that bad?!?Who knows?

Today, will be a particularly busy day there’s a lot of things I need to work on. I hope I can get a lot of things out of the way. I hope you enjoyed this.

Bill Ayers

On Monday night, I saw Bill Ayers speak at Allen Hall. (The room was much more full this picture was taken 15 minutes into the Q and A). I do commend Allen Hall for putting on these events, and I probably made a huge mistake by not living in Allen. Anyway, I did come into the talk with a dislike of Ayers previous activities. I did get the chance to ask Dr.Ayers some questions about: education, newspapers, education segmentation by discipline, and local vs. federal funding. I have to admit he is a very articulate guy. Although, he does have a considerable amount of experience as a debater. The question and answer period got heated towards the end, in fact the gentlemen that got in a heated discussion with him, was arrested Thursday night.

The real question that was in my mind when I left the Ayers’ talk is should we forgive him? In the United States during the Vietnam War many people dodged the draft. Some had violent protests, some peaceful. The things that Ayers did was to make a point, and he agrees the way he went about making his point was wrong. And I believe what he did was wrong. But do people deserve to redeem themselves, flash forward 40 years and Dr.Ayers is a distinguished professor of education at UIC. I am still conflicted about people reforming themselves, but I’m willing to give people a second chance because some people have given me that chance.

I actually found out today someone I knew dropped out of college and decided to become a minister. If that makes him happy and he feels that it is a calling. I think he should do it, I agree with him you have to do things that make you feel good.


My latest story on EOH is out. Next story coming sometime next week, when I feel motivated to write it. I felt this story should have taken higher precedence due to the time sensitivity, but oh well. I’m glad it is another front page story.

EOH Story

Front Page PDF

Next time, I shall talk about something else Grant Imahara from MythBusters tonight! Maybe on life.

Madoff Continued

I have to continue my rant. I was so pissed that Madoff remained a celebrity while he was out “cooperating” with prosecutors. Do you see any of the Billion returned?Give me a brea, the SEC sleeping again, and I can’t believe Madoff was covered by CNBC like a rock star they had helicopter coverage of his court house appearances as his “motorcade” with police escort made its way through the streets of Manhattan without having to stop in traffic. If you look at the photo I attached from the NYT article in the previous post, it looks like he’s attending a movie premier, not going to jail. I don’t understand why the justice system is so inadequate if you steal a loaf of bread from a store you go to jail, if you steal a TV from a store you go to jail, you steal 50 billion, you steal 200,000 like Martha and its a slap in the back. Give me a break. AND if you are in business and you do not know who Alan Stanford is or Madoff, please look them up now.


It is nice to see that Mr.Madoff is finally spending some time in jail and not in his Penthouse apartment on Park Avenue. Although, I should say many questions still remain un-answered such as what really happened to the 50-plus billion Madoff is accused of swindling. I think those are the questions the prosecutors should really be seeking answers to. Some investors even have committed suicide due to the loss of funds through Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. If you were wondering what the previous record for record loss of money it is held by a former trader at Societe Generale.

“But Mrs. Madoff is seeking to retain almost $65 million that she says are her own assets.”

The only thing I give Bernie Madoff credit for is taking care of his family he’s 70, he’s enjoyed his life, now he goes to jail but his family will live in comfort while the people that lost their money suffer. Sorta like Ken lay’s wife. But Mr.Madoff is undeniably a crook in every sense of the word, and I’m not sure how he lives with himself. I guess people can rationalize almost anything, to themselves, and believe what they want to believe devoid of all sanity.