Today was rather mundane, nothing interesting. Went to a performance of the CU symphony and their tribute to John Williams. I guess one new article of notice came across to me today.

Disabled kids show host draws criticism, praise

I think the people that complained are out of touch with reality. It’s so much easier for people to explain to their kids that people are different. A good point brought up by Gayathri, there’s much worst on TV, than some lady on a children’s show with one arm.

Some people look different from other people, some people act different from other people, and some people are disabled. I admire the BBC for brushing aside the complaints, and Cerrie for not worrying about her disability. There’s not a damn thing wrong with her, she just got dealt bad luck, but that has not held her back from pursuing theatre. I think I learned a lesson here too, just concentrate on what your good at, don’t worry about what your bad at. You might never be able to fix it.


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