Madoff Continued

I have to continue my rant. I was so pissed that Madoff remained a celebrity while he was out “cooperating” with prosecutors. Do you see any of the Billion returned?Give me a brea, the SEC sleeping again, and I can’t believe Madoff was covered by CNBC like a rock star they had helicopter coverage of his court house appearances as his “motorcade” with police escort made its way through the streets of Manhattan without having to stop in traffic. If you look at the photo I attached from the NYT article in the previous post, it looks like he’s attending a movie premier, not going to jail. I don’t understand why the justice system is so inadequate if you steal a loaf of bread from a store you go to jail, if you steal a TV from a store you go to jail, you steal 50 billion, you steal 200,000 like Martha and its a slap in the back. Give me a break. AND if you are in business and you do not know who Alan Stanford is or Madoff, please look them up now.


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