It is nice to see that Mr.Madoff is finally spending some time in jail and not in his Penthouse apartment on Park Avenue. Although, I should say many questions still remain un-answered such as what really happened to the 50-plus billion Madoff is accused of swindling. I think those are the questions the prosecutors should really be seeking answers to. Some investors even have committed suicide due to the loss of funds through Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. If you were wondering what the previous record for record loss of money it is held by a former trader at Societe Generale.

“But Mrs. Madoff is seeking to retain almost $65 million that she says are her own assets.”

The only thing I give Bernie Madoff credit for is taking care of his family he’s 70, he’s enjoyed his life, now he goes to jail but his family will live in comfort while the people that lost their money suffer. Sorta like Ken lay’s wife. But Mr.Madoff is undeniably a crook in every sense of the word, and I’m not sure how he lives with himself. I guess people can rationalize almost anything, to themselves, and believe what they want to believe devoid of all sanity.


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