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So I still have a ton of things to do for next week, but hey why not let me digress on my week. My article on Krista McMasters the soon-to-be first woman CEO of a major accounting firm should be running on the front page today, my second “major” interview. ECE is going OK, it’s just a matter of tying my shoe laces, doting my i’s and crossing my t’s.

One of the topics covered at the talk I covered today was maintaining a work and career balance. Well so after having conversations with my good friend Mohamed back in Miami. Certain people take life more seriously than others, and that carries over to dating.

No one really thinks about the future when their dating, a lot of people fixate and dream about finding “the one”. Everyone wants to have fun, and not worry about the future. So people tend to date people that eventually screw you over, until you learn your lesson. In fact, some of the most famous people in US history, talk about their dating woes. It sorta sucks for the person that didn’t date them. Anyway case and point.

I think would not sacrifice my career goals for someone else, although I’d be willing to be flexible. But I think I would do that for only one person, but that’s about it.

Check this out on fairly tales, Gayathri, Jenny you’ve already seen it don’t click it:


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