North Korea and Guns

So no surprise, North Korea has launched their “satellite”. They had to launch the rocket soon anyway, the fuel is to corrosive to let it sit there. I’m not sure what the United States is going to do. I think going to the UN is just going through the motions. The question is what the heck was in that rocket..the payload was kept a secret, no surprise there either.

I almost went out to Radio Maria’s tonight for salsa, but I was a bit swamped with things. Lately if you pay attention to the news daily, which you should everyday for at least 15 minutes. I think the amount of gun-related violence lately is unbelievable. This past week someone has either shot their entire family to death, co-workers, strangers, or police. All the shootings seem to come from people who have lost their jobs, one guy today said he was worried about Obama banning guns which is why he shot three police officers. Oh the Irony in that statement. But I think the Bush administration should be faulted for letting the assault weapons ban expire. You’ve got to be kidding me who needs a freaking assault rifle.


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