I was watching youtube today. I wonder much time is lost watching youtube.But I came across these videos.



I encourage you to read the DI’s 4 part series on learning disabilities. I think it is well written and well researched. I did not write it. I will not get to write my own four part series until next semester. I am not happy that my active directory password was comprised.

If you have read the BBC news lately you would probably know that, they have their own train is moving across India with a broadcast station covering the election. I think it is pretty cool.

In other news, I think some people still miss the point. I guess that is what separates the people that are creative from the people that are trying just to get by. Consequently it is what separates the person that becomes the manager of the company, and the person that remains a employee. I am still a bit disappointed that I think a few people I know would have been able to do some pretty interesting things with their careers, had they not limited themselves arbitrarily. People are really not as open-minded as you think, that might be a property of the mid-west. We all like to cling to things, but change is ok. I remember Bill Clinton talking about people wanting to switch sides and become Democrats, they know they want to change, but their just scared to.

I think taking risks, and failing is more important instead of taking the easy route. Failure teaches you some really good lessons. In the future I may elaborate on why failure taught me some great lessons. I guess I am still pretty naive that I believe most people should look at the world the way I try to.


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