LOST indeed

LOST has completely jumped the shark. Next week will be pretty shitty with finals coming up. When I think about high school, I met a lot of irrelevant people. But I did meet two people during my time in high school.

That stand with me on my ups and downs. I somehow have this picture that when college is all said and done, and I go off into industry, and decide to start my own company. The same two people will be standing by my side.

I speak to my dad everyday, and my mom as much as I can. My dad is just so cool. I view my education and why I like the things I do, because he encouraged me to pursue them. My parents were very hands off parents, they never set a curfew, they never asked me where I’ve been even if I pulled in at 4 am. My parents never forced me to go into any one major, or even bothered to ask me about my grades. They just wanted me to do whatever I enjoyed and do it well. Which might guilt me even more, to make sure I don’t let them down.

I am official done with dealing with some people. If you think I’m a cold-hearted bastard, so be it. Eventually you’ll get over it. I hate when people whine like little babies. Life is not fair, as my father said anything worth it is not easy. Maybe this is why I pursue things in vain sometime? And yes all humans are selfish and egotistical the worlds population is 6 billion and counting. We do what we think is best.


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