Bloging from Law School

Here’s something I usually can’t do in my engineering classes, blog. Well heck why not. My Law professor has just wasted about 5 minutes talking aimlessly. I took the Yellow line from Skokie to the Red line, and onto Magnificient Mile. Ah Loyola University everyone is texting on their blackberry. But you can’t beat the location.


Why we go to the movies?

Simply put because of escapism.

I recently watched Quantum of Solace, yea I know it has been a while since it came out. But life gets busy and movies don’t exactly take precedent. Movies, and TV however influence a variety of things, such as our hopes and dreams. In some cases they explore problems in society such as racism, poverty, and greed. The point is, movies and TV get you thinking sometime. You ask yourself, Oh what if my life was like that?

Some people might disagree with me, and tell me oh TV is a waste of time. Well, from time to time I need to waste time, I still won’t turn to MTV willingly. Tying in Roger Ebert’s review on the new Star Trek film. I love Star Trek. I always loved the original series, I enjoyed the next generation, I never liked Deep Space Nine. And the reason is, simply I didn’t like the non-Utopian universe they presented. Which is unusual for me, since I don’t really believe it is possible to have a perfect society, but in time we can get pretty close.

Anyway Ebert only gave the film 2.5/4 because he felt that historically Star Trek dealt with questions of science, ideals and philosophy. But now we are too caught up in wanting to watch movies as he describes “reduced to loud and colorful action.” And I agree, no one wants to engage themselves anymore. Kudos to LOST.

I’ll keep it pretty general tonight. The weather hasn’t been too cold lately. Although tonight it feels a bit chilly. I discovered Jenny’s house is not far from here, although I managed to run over something in her yard…Life goes on in Chicagoland, school does too. Lets see how many states I can visit this summer. Lets see how much I can do. As for comments, nah I have nothing negative to say I’ve gone down that route enough.


So I’m back the technology company I worked for last year. I have to admit our design center is pretty cool. I have a cube with a window. We have a game room on my floor. Loyola is pretty nice. The traffic is pretty stiff in downtown Chicago, quite nice.

I think if you look around the interns of the company. Those people deserve to be there, they know how to play the game. My project is pretty interesting.

Michael Phelps

A guy wins 8-gold metals at the Olympics, and then he comes to some insignificant meet this past weekend. Then gets second place in two events,and every headline you read is “Michael Phelps loses again at Charlotte”, or “In a New Challenge, Phelps Finds He Is a Touch Behind.”

Give the guy a break. Now off to that large technology company in Chicago.

It is as it was

Another long semester ends. I finished finals on Tuesday. I had two finals on Monday and Tuesday. It doesn’t really look any better class wise in the future, the classes only get harder and require more work.

Packing is going to be a pain. I have to say the one thing I learned about people this semester is the need to deflect. Many people have a complete lack of reality. Either constantly being too happy, or too picky. That’s all I’ll say on that matter.

Want to expand your mind?Go watch frontline sometime, or read the economist, or go out and travel. Although I admit travel is a bit costly. I still think clocks is one of the best Coldplay songs. Put away the anime, get off aim (I should take my own advice), put down the novels.

Change?Change is pretty hard. It’s a very popular word floating around. Despite everything I do believe in Change, but I also believe change could take a lifetime, or not happen at all. I might be repeating myself but my mother always said, try something you don’t like, you might end up liking it.

Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, was recently jailed again. She has spent the majority of her life in jail, actually Burma has the distinction of the only country jailing a Nobel laureate. Lets face it Burma may never get democracy in her lifetime, but she dedicated a life to a cause and stuck with it. And that’s good enough for me.

Almost halfway through college, I can say the I’m still surprised repeating myself that people miss many key points of why they are in college, and what they could contribute to society.On that note time will tell if I’m right or not.

It’s 3 am in the morning

Yeah, It’s 3:30 am. No better time to be lively. I have a history final in less than 10 hours from now. But what the heck why not write a blog post, it only takes a few minutes, and what better time to take a break. The past few hours I’ve been looking at Russian-Jewish history, through the lens of Grossman, Mikhoels, Fefer, and the list goes on. The nice thing about this exam is that I get to write my own question. Gayathri and Jeffrey have helped me craft the question little by little. I was even convinced if I gave Gayathri the documents she could write it herself. Write it please!!!!!!

I thought my writing was done for the semester, but long behold I get to write two more articles. Mystery ones woah, what??. I also have a surprise planned for Friday’s edition, for some very cool people that have made positive impacts on my life during the time I’ve got to know them, here at U of I.

Engineering wise, semiconductors, oh yea there hot. Fields, and Power Generation, super super hot.


Why I don’t believe in Forgiveness

I suppose its definitely one of the most important aspects of most religion, especially Christianity. But I have never been able to forgive and forget, and it’s pretty doubtful you can too. Everyone feels in some way, someone has let them down, and they can’t let that go. Rarely in life do you get second chances, when you do they are often because of extraordinary reasons.

Without opening it up for debate, I always did the right thing, but I always managed to get screwed somehow, in someway. At the same time because I did get screwed something else better popped up. I will say, I probably lack empathy, but so do a lot of people that read my blog. A lot of us don’t really care, we just say we do. Deep down, its all about us. It just sounds cool to say we do.