It’s 3 am in the morning

Yeah, It’s 3:30 am. No better time to be lively. I have a history final in less than 10 hours from now. But what the heck why not write a blog post, it only takes a few minutes, and what better time to take a break. The past few hours I’ve been looking at Russian-Jewish history, through the lens of Grossman, Mikhoels, Fefer, and the list goes on. The nice thing about this exam is that I get to write my own question. Gayathri and Jeffrey have helped me craft the question little by little. I was even convinced if I gave Gayathri the documents she could write it herself. Write it please!!!!!!

I thought my writing was done for the semester, but long behold I get to write two more articles. Mystery ones woah, what??. I also have a surprise planned for Friday’s edition, for some very cool people that have made positive impacts on my life during the time I’ve got to know them, here at U of I.

Engineering wise, semiconductors, oh yea there hot. Fields, and Power Generation, super super hot.



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