Why we go to the movies?

Simply put because of escapism.

I recently watched Quantum of Solace, yea I know it has been a while since it came out. But life gets busy and movies don’t exactly take precedent. Movies, and TV however influence a variety of things, such as our hopes and dreams. In some cases they explore problems in society such as racism, poverty, and greed. The point is, movies and TV get you thinking sometime. You ask yourself, Oh what if my life was like that?

Some people might disagree with me, and tell me oh TV is a waste of time. Well, from time to time I need to waste time, I still won’t turn to MTV willingly. Tying in Roger Ebert’s review on the new Star Trek film. I love Star Trek. I always loved the original series, I enjoyed the next generation, I never liked Deep Space Nine. And the reason is, simply I didn’t like the non-Utopian universe they presented. Which is unusual for me, since I don’t really believe it is possible to have a perfect society, but in time we can get pretty close.

Anyway Ebert only gave the film 2.5/4 because he felt that historically Star Trek dealt with questions of science, ideals and philosophy. But now we are too caught up in wanting to watch movies as he describes “reduced to loud and colorful action.” And I agree, no one wants to engage themselves anymore. Kudos to LOST.


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