It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog. The past few weeks have been pretty good. Work is moving along, I learned how to run a few tests more or less unassisted. My massive design and coding project is underway. My law class is almost done, I have to say I enjoyed studying the law a lot. I also have enjoyed my trip to downtown twice a week.

“Welcome Aboard the CTA Redline with service to downtown, and 95th.”

As I’ve said before Loyola is situated in a great part of downtown. This weekend, I plan to do everything I possible can in downtown. Starting today! Why, because Mohamed is coming to visit me, and we intend to explore every inch of Chicago. Chicago is a really great city to live in. Except for the fact that things close early.

Hopefully I’ll be able to take some pretty good night shots with my new dslr of the Chicago Skyline and such (refer to my previous blog post if this term confuses you).

In my “spare time”, it’s linear algebra, and integrated circuit design. I decided I’ll probably need to get a CS minor also. + 1 semester. Three word(s) people should avoid in conversation, “nice”,”cool” and “like like”.

What I’ve learned in the past few weeks:

1.) Pay ridiculously close attention to detail
2.) Ask a heck of a lot of questions
3.) Really understand what you are doing inside and out
4.) Understand why your doing something
5.) Try to learn from your mistakes (of course some people never do)


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