On the Town

Last weekend I got a chance to explore downtown Chicago. Being a big fan of sophisticated and cosmopolitan cities, Chicago does not disappoint me. I was fortunate to be downtown during one of the many celebrations recognizing the Burnham plan centennial, at Millennium Park. The Burnham plan is also know as the plan of Chicago, essentially the starting point for the metropolis it now is.

As I was listening to the Grant Park Orchestra, I gazed around, while sitting on the stairs at the open-air pavilion at Millennium Park. I looked up at some of the buildings. I turned around and looked at the crowd. It was a remarkable scene. Because of the efforts of people, who cared about enriching society and making Chicago a better place for people to live. We ended up with a M. Park. What was just a former railroad yard. A large percentage of M. Park was funded by private donors. I’m glad to know there are people out there who can look beyond their own self-interests, and think about how they can better society. I spoke with a colleague about this recently, and we came to the conclusion that most people aren’t able to look beyond their own self-interests, which is quite a pity. There’s much more to life than just becoming rich. Your actions define you.

On the Web: http://picasaweb.google.com/alvin.adderly/ChicagoMohamedVisit


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