Miami in July

The first lovely thing about the state of Florida, and Miami. Higher Speed limits, and more people watching. Don’t get me wrong Chicago, like I’ve mentioned before has a lot of character to it. But unfortunately it’s all bottled up in one downtown. At least I’d like to believe Miami spreads out things in bits and pieces.

Design Matters, and Style does too. That pretty much sums up Miami in six words. Three words: Luciana and heels.

I was watching a Michael Jackson video in the store yesterday. The moonwalk and Thriller rank near the top of my favorites. My moonwalk is not as cool as his that’s for sure.

I’ve decided, I’m going to stop giving away free advice on my blog. Not that any of it is worth anything. But everyone does what they think is best, whats good for me, may not be good for someone else. Besides Trade secrets are expensive =P

I was talking to this girl today a fairly good acquaintance of mine. And she was screwed over by two people. And I said don’t worry about it, I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw themselves over. And she responded “Yes I hope they get screwed over royally, yes I’m bitter.”
Question: Did she have the right to feel bitter?Sure, and you should expect people to screw you over, if you don’t your naive. As people we are not flawless.


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