Stupid Comments

Last week, I took a stroll down Lake Shore Drive with Nicole. Sitting from afar the Chicago skyline and the cars coming down Lake Shore Drive at night is a pretty cool scene to watch. It’s probably my favorite thing to do in Chicago. But that’s probably because I’m a romantic at heart. Take your pick of any date movie, set in a big city and most likely there will be a scene with the skyline as a backdrop. Buckingham Fountain fits the bill too.

Recently, I thought of the two most ignorant comments I believe I’ve been told by a girl during my time in college. The girl that said this comment is a bit naive, and over-dependent, but I like her. The first was I’m too boring. Am I? That’s a tough question, I tend to be really passionate about my interests. And hopefully everyone feels the same way about their own interests. Personally I do what I like. I hate conforming, I never will. And if I’m boring because of that too bad. One other thing I could add to that is people overestimate the importance of things.

The second girl told me that I was a nerd. Yeah, what science person hasn’t heard that word. The second girl I was particularly close to, but she is probably one of the most ungrateful and unpredictable people I have ever met. She made me think about the realities of race, societal perception,religion. She made a lot of stereotypes apparent to me, and that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She also made me realize that people don’t change. I’m really sorry how things transpired, between us. But I can’t change the past.


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