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My first story of the semester hits newstands tomorrow:

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If anyone knows how to solve an equation with three unknowns please let me know.


Ted Kennedy

Tonight, I took a moment to watch a few speeches from McCain, Caroline Kennedy, VP Biden, as they spoke fondly of their memories of Ted Kennedy. Caroline, pointed out that Ted Kennedy the student of history, was now part of history. Few people make that kind of impact on society, for the better. Ted was not a flawless individual either, but he tried his best, and history usually rewards that.

I’d like to think of myself as a student of history. Of course I’m not Aldo. Through my travels around the world, which I have no plans to stop soon. This go around Pompeii, the Vatican, the Colosseum, the French Riveria, the leaning tower of Pisa. I guess what fascinates me is the places I’ve stood and seen, were built hundreds of years ago. To think I’ve stood next to the same Obelisk Saint Peter was crucified upside down. Or I’ve walked through one of the most visited archeological sites in the world. The curiosity never stops.

With that being said, it still amazes me how many people I know simply do not appreciate some of the more interesting and beautiful things that the world has to offer. A lot of the people I knew were really superficial. Thus it is a little hard to share that type of beauty with those people.

Links 8/26/09

Ted Kennedy Dies, he was a heck of a senator.

US Internet Speeds:

I know everyone loves watching Jon and Kate plus 8. Lets read about Kate’s side of the story.

Senior Year


Flights on AA and Iberia

Arrived this evening from Barcelona to New York JFK to Chicago to Champaign

And now I’m tired, and I won’t have my phone for a few days so don’t call me.



Last night, I caught the re-run of Paul McCartney’s appearance om David Letterman. Paul still has it after all these years. I also caught my first real episode of Conan, in place of Jay. I think he’s OK, but he sorta fails to realize what demographics is watching.

One movie that caught my eye recently and won a sundance film festival award:

This faux independent documentary, seems to be a feel good movie, laced with some comedy. I like the trailer enough to want to see it.

Another is a Disney film, called Ponyo. I’m pretty happy Disney is moving back to drawing each cell individually, instead of using cgi.

Other than that, I was glad to see Michael Vick resigned to football. Primarily, because I believe people should be given an opportunity to prove that they can change. What Michael did was horrendous, and stupid. I guess one common theme of my summer has been chances.

me: I guess I don’t want to ever judge people as quick as they’ve judged me
over the years

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

As a fellow journalist, I am very pleased to see former President Bill Clinton, was successful in securing the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling. They were detained and sentence to 12 years hard labor for illegal entry, and crimes against the state. Politically, it was another brilliant move by the Obama administration (Yes, the oval office signed off on the trip), and another excellent move for the Clinton team. Cleverly, the administration did their best to separate the situation of the journalists’ from the ongoing North Korean nuclear crisis.

Politically it’s fun to watch. Bill Clinton shows up,and less than 24 hours later, you see Clinton leaving with Ling and Lee, on a unmarked jet, bound for LA. If you really believe he sat down and negotiated a deal on the spot. You are deluding yourself. Politics does not work like that, you don’t walk in room, without knowing the outcome already. There were obviously a lot of behind the scene negotiations.