House MD

As many, other bloggers have written, I think tonight’s episode of House M.D. definitely came close to being one of the best I’ve ever seen on TV.Although, I have things to do,but I just had to give in and watch the season premier. House as a character has been through a lot. At the end of last season, he voluntarily commits himself to an psychiatric facility. House ends up falling for Franka Potente in the premier. Overall, I was very happy to see that House gets out of the facility, with a new outlook on life. Generally, I’d say, gee it’s no fun to have happy endings, but I’m beginning to believe happily ever after isn’t so bad.


The List

Last night I had a long-winded conversation, with a close friend of mine.

We came to a few conclusions.

1)People spend so much time, scrutinizing other people’s looks and style. I instead spend time scrutinizing people’s ideas, world-view, and thoughts. The things that count.

2)Friends are sorta….dispensable.No one can tell me that they haven’t lost a close relationship with someone. Sure, I’ve done things that have destroyed my relationship with a few people. We all have friends for various reasons. Some people we have common interests with, and common world views. Sometime people just use you.

3)If you were a manager would you liked to be fear or liked. Well if you are feared, people sometime will do everything to satisfied you because they are worried. People are sorta programmed to believe everything is cut-throat. But people sorta miss the fact that behind the scenes, people really have the best interest of others in mind.

4)I use to think more people held the same values, I did, that’s not true.

5)Why don’t people adapt to change easily or learn easily?Because we are all stubborn, it takes getting hurt, and falling in the mud to learn a lesson. However for some people it takes multiple falls.

6)Every decision I make is not the best one, no one can possibly tell me that every decision they made was the best one. But you learn from outcomes. Yes?

7)Deferred gratification is not such a bad thing. See the outcome of the Marshmallow experiment at Stanford University.

8)At times we are all self-absorbed, and forget to thank people who’ve helped us out, or given us a break.

9)Time waits for no one.

10)Do what’s right.Give other people a break.

One of those nights

Tonight, was on those the nights, the ones that don’t end. Lab reports can take a while, so can thinking about how to designing a voltage regulator. ECE 442, and ECE 476 are going to have to wait until 8 am.

My Schedule as follows:

1-Research Group Meeting
2-5 Lab
5-8 476Hw/Dinner/Lunch?
8 News Desk Meeting
9 476? –
10 DI Story Prep?

But I guess I do get Friday nights off.