ECE is my second love after my first love, no maybe it’s my third love….engineers have a reputation for being cocky, arrogant, believing they are better than everyone else. One thing though how many people can count in 0/1 or talk about the maximum and minimum voltage swings in a transistor.

Yea it’s rather nerdy stuff. No doubt about it. However, I don’t think all majors are made equal. In ECE we rarely get test verbatim based on HW, rarely get take home exams. We aim for averages of 50s, some classes even have averages of 30s. We’re big on curving and proving you aren’t the best. That’s just the nature of this major. I’m not complaining, I chose it. But I understand why an outside observer, doesn’t understand the amounts of time, and lack of socializing this major costs you….

There has to be an upside somewhere, however…

xoxoxo everyone!


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