State of the Union Address

Random Thoughts to all:

Lately for one reason or the other I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and really peer through the political issues as much as I use to. But I’ll give you comments on what I think will be in the State of the Union, based on what I have read.

Tonight,the President will talk about health care reform. We’ve all been hearing about health care reform since Obama’s inauguration. As we know the process has stalled as some people are hesitant moving forward with reform. As I’ve stated before I think reform is necessary. Health care needs to be more affordable and avaliable to all.

Two, the economy unless you all have been living under a rock lately, the United States and the global economy is just starting to recover. However, don’t expect that to translate into more jobs. Companies won’t necessarily be the large entities that they use to be. The Obama administration is in a really tough position. I mean how do you solve an economic crisis, as far as I know there’s no magic fix, no sure answers. The Obama administration is taking a gamble, albeit a carefully planned out one to solving our nation’s economic issues. But who knows if it’ll work.

Expect the President to talk about immigration reform. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Any reasonable person, will tell you it’s impossible to find and remove 12 million people, many whom contribute to our country. That’s why I think these people deserve a path to citizenship.

Well hopefully we’ll all get a chance to catch the speech, or the replay.


Conan got screwed over by NBC

Well NBC the jokes on you, Conan O’Brien’s ratings have sky rocketed as he’s lambasted the network each night.

Last night Conan purchased a race horse with NBC’s money and he aired restricted shows so NBC would be fined brilliant Conan, I have to hand it to you. As well as a cursing triad by Robin Williams. Brilliant!

This is somewhat of a 180 degree reversal for me, I’ve always really enjoyed Jay Leno. But Conan got a raw deal, and I can’t wait until Conan shows up on Fox or elsewhere. So I’m with Coco on this one.

In other news the weather isn’t too bad here in the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana.
I apparently miscalculated the hours I need to graduate it turns out I only need 3 more hours in ece after this semester.

Youtube videos I’ve been watching lately:

More PS22 Chorus

The art is expressive. Better than the modern wing’s modern art collection.

They had it right when they said the first piece of art put into the Art institute’s modern wing was the wing itself it’s a wonderful structure. But the art isn’t that great. Check out my review of Windows 7, this Tuesday in the DI. Thanks for the idea Sue.

Jennifer Warnes

Sometime writing can be fun….

Take this article on the JAL (Japanese Airlines) on the brink of bankruptcy:

Tokyo, Japan (FT) — “I’d like to take a pistol and shoot every JAL executive of the last 20 years,” says Hideo Fujiwara, an otherwise gently spoken 72-year-old.

Or this one

January 1st, 2010
Headline: “Happy ******* New Year” As Lady GaGa Strips And Rocks Miami

Miami, Florida, United States (AHN) – Lady GaGa brought her “Monsters Ball” tour to Miami on New Year’s Eve, then played to a packed house at a VIP-only after-party on South Beach.


After midnight, GaGa appeared and wished the cheering crowd a “happy ******* New Year.”

“I just had my first concert in Miami, so it was like a first date,” GaGa admitted. “So this is like a second date and we can **** and I won’t feel like a slut in the morning.”

“I have the best ******* fans in the world. For those of you who are here, I love you!” GaGa added between sets.

After the show, GaGa and her back-up dancers partied in an even more exclusive VIP section above the main pool deck. She stripped down into her all-black panties and bra while she partied with celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton.

You don’t think the reporter had fun writing that

Spring 2010

Spring 2010

My journey back to Illinois started in a busy MIA this morning. As usual I cut it pretty close with my flight.

“Passenger S. Adderly please proceed to D44 for immediate departure.”

No MIA is not like European airports where they make no boarding announcements, not even for the initial boarding of the aircraft!

Everything considered the trip back was pretty smooth. I expect my first article as a contributing writer to the features section of the Daily Illini to be in print tomorrow or soon after. As many of you know I’m no longer a new staff writer. That means no more breaking news and writing up to three articles a week. It was a fun ride and a good learning experience, now I think it is time for me to branch out with my journalism experience.

I don’t know how the semester will go; let us hope for the best shall we in 2010. At least I got picked up in a sports car by a good friend to bring me back to my apartment 🙂

Random facts from over the years at U of I

Fact: Since I’ve been a student journalist I’ve interviewed over 100 people as sources for my articles! Including Grant Imahara from TLC’s mythbusters
Fact: During my time at Illinois I’ve worked with four different professors, in three different disciplines
Fact: I worked on the Motorola Droid (the best selling android phone out there)
Fact: An electrical engineering degree requires 136 hours for graduation. (7 hours remaining I think?)
Fact: A minor in history requires 21 hours (18/21 hours completed)
Fact: I almost have the same number of friends I had when I left high school
Fact: My first legal drink was in Taiwan where the drinking age is 18
Fact: I like Chardonnay
Fact: I’m a proud member of the Democratic Party
Fact: I’m attracted to pathetic people, but maybe that’s good
Fact: I had no AP credits. How much can you learn in an AP class, that’s why good private schools don’t have AP classes
Fact: Working sucks, so I should stay in school as long as possible
Fact: Every semester since freshman year I’ve taken no less than 18 hours, but they haven’t necessarily been in history or engineering
Fact: I really love Star Trek. Spock is still my favorite character. But am I more like Kirk or Spock I can’t decide?

The Weather

MIAMI – South Florida is finally warming back up after experiencing record low-temperatures. Our electric heater was no match for 39 degrees (F) weather. The weather is about 48 degrees (F). This is a far cry from Christmas day when it was in the 80s. But who would expect a Florida heating system to handle up-north weather.

Mark McGuire admitted to steroid use recently not a shocker of course, every sports writer knew he was doping. Maybe McGuire will get sympathy and perhaps still make it in the hall of fame. As a society we really enjoy the rise and fall and rise again of individuals.

Haiti has suffered a major earthquake. Haiti is roughly 591.77 nautical miles away from Miami. The devastation looks quite extensive on the ground.


Happy 2010 from Miami, a stormy 73 degrees F. Things to do in 2010? Work harder, play more, travel more. Minus the time I spent New Years in Taiwan, I tend to keep things low key and just stay home and watch ABC and CNN coverage of celebrations from time square. It is fun to watch all the people gathered to watch the ball drop, and kissing and hugging their significant others.

I have a record player, I was trying to see if I could get a copy of Auld Lang Syne, but I could not so I settled for the Mp3 version.

Time for vacation in less than 24 hrs. I’ll be blogging intermittently as I sail across the Caribbean Sea.